About Us

Michael and Lucy Hjort opened Melton’s Restaurant (M1) in 1990 and Melton’s Too(MToo) in 2001. The Restaurants have different styles; M1 is a fine dining establishment, MToo is a Cafe Bar Bistro.

Both restaurants are known for using local seasonal produce, cooked to order. We’re proud to include supplier information on our menus and our staff are informed with further detail.

Michael is the ‘hands-on’ Chef/Proprietor of both restaurants. He works very closely with the Chefs in both kitchens to influence menus and create recipes.

Michael also has his ‘fingers in lots of pies’ as he is Managing Director of York Food and Drink Festival as well as a Director of VisitYork. He also can be found in schools and various other establishments doing cookery demonstrations or workshops for children, adults (including the homeless).