History of Bistro

We all know the fact that bistro is famous around the world, a lot of businessmen want to franchise or make their own bistro business, and most people want a bistro than a sophisticated restaurant. Nowadays there is a lot of bistro offering different kind of cuisines and any other meals that could satisfy and attract customers. But, do have any idea where bistro originated?
Bistro or also called as Bistrot is originated in Russia during the Russian Occupation of Paris in 1915. In the Etymology, there are a lot of sources coming I about where does the word bistro originate. Some say that it came from bistingo, bistouille or bistroulle, and bisturd. According to history, this kind of restaurant famous for serving less expensive and simple meals with alcohol with a modest ambiance. Most of the foods they serve were inspired by French home-style cooking typically cassoulet, and bean stew and any other cultural foods that are famous in their land.
In history, most the Bistro is built out of a basement kitchen of Parisian apartments. This is where the tenants paid for the room, and the landlord or landlady would open a bistro to earn more income. In today era, this is mostly associated with hotels, pubs, and bar with a cheaper and traditional cuisine. In another story, when Russian Cossacks came to cafes, they usually cry impatiently saying, “Bistro! Bistro!” which means they are demanding for a quick served because of the cravenness that they are feeling.
Long ago, bistro plays a vital role in the community since this kind of restaurant offers cheap meals and at the same time restores the food culture that they have. A bistro is also a place where tired workers go for them to chill and find time to relax themselves.